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Dead Run! Signed Custom Walnut Turkey Box Call-All Handcrafted-Walnut Body-Wow!


Beautiful Signed Custom Walnut Turkey Box Call
All individually handcrafted with top grade lumber
(Laser engraving available)


This completely handmade box call is constructed from high quality furniture grade lumber. This listing is for the Walnut Box Call shown. The call shown is a standar 6" x 1-1/4". The paddle is 8-1/2" x 1-1/4, chalked and ready for use. It is perfectly constructed and contoured for maximum sound quality. These are made by a local artisan who has mastered the art of game calls. Not only box calls, but many other styles of calls. Although this particular call is available in Walnut only, he has designed and manufactured many other types of calls from Maple, Birds Eye Maple & Black Walnut. For an additional charge, he will use exotic woods to include Purple Heart, Apple, Pear, Wormy Chestnut, Hickory & Locust. In choosing wood for a box call, remember the harder the wood, the higher the pitch. All standard calls will come with the name of the artisan engraved into it. This is important merely because it is the artisan's own trademark. It is a pleasure to have such a gifted artist in company with THE GAME CHANGER. All calls can be customized with your name, dates of hunts, trophies taken, any personal information, business information or other graphics of your choice. Please contact us for specific rates for lettering. Graphics must be a very clear drawing, (black and white produces the best laser image) photograph or logo and start at $12. There are a variety of options available to personalize your Turkey Call. Please email us with your requests. The artwork may be sent in digital format, through email.

Engraving Services
Custom engraving available: names, dates, memories, notations, etc. He is equipped to produce mass quantities of certain items. We are steadily working to revise our independent website with the new stock. If you wish to have this call on this listing customized after the auction has ended, please contact us for arrangements.


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