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Red Coyote Fur
Professionally Tanned, Winter Heavy-Case Cut

Legally obtained by Licensed Hunter and Trapper
during the 2010-2011 Season Lic # 143840809


This Red Coyote fur hide is open cut. It measures 31-1/2" from tip of nose to base of tail. This is classified as extra soft, super heavy winter fur. Complete underfur and long guard hairs. This is garment grade so there are no feet. The front legs are cut short and only the feet are taken from the back. The leg skins remain. The hide itself is select #1. There are no flaws on the exterior of this fur to include bite marks or rubs from breeding. The color is light brown with an overall heavy reddish tint. Hence the name Red Coyote. I will consider it to have a secondary tail because it is not balanced in it's shape. Heavier on left than on right, without specific defect criteria. The head is also not skinned by the tanners exactly the way we wanted it to be. I am not happy with the condition of the ears, although it is standard practice for a commercial tannery not to develop the ear shape. I have shown all defects in the ears in photographs so you know exactly what you will get. The ears are turned & lip split. This exact fur you would get. This is a male coyote. The Gratzen (the strip of fur that runs directly down the center of the back that is taller than the rest) is prime fur and stands almost 3-1/2" in height and runs the course of the back of the neck down the center to about 6" from the base of the tail. There is a small hole in the groin area where the skin is the thinnest of anywhere on the coyote. The fur is of course thinner in that area as well. To have a small hole in this area is very common.
Very  few fur sellers actually describe ALL defects in detail. We want you to know exactly what you are getting. This is an absolutely beautiful, thick, full fur pelt with no defects! Graded by professionals.
If you are looking for a specific fur, please feel free to email us!

We are "The Game Changer".
We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty. 


For Animal Parts Buyers

We are licensed taxidermists, hunters, trappers and have a bone & skull beetle cleaning service. We supply animal teeth, bones, claws, feet and internal parts that ARE legal to sell to all groups of society. We also supply Authentic Native American items including jingle cones. We can also make something upon request. Our Native American Artisan is a direct descendant of the Mikasuki Indians so the work is authentic. She uses only materials supplied by mother nature.



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