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#3 Eastern Box Turtle Shell
Professionally Cleaned - by beetles

Great for Study, Collection or Native American Craft Use

 Eastern box turtles (Terrapene Carolina Carolina), have many variations in the colors and marking patterns on their carapace (top shell), legs, and plastron (bottom shell). The carapace in it's natural state (in the Midwest) is mostly dark brown with yellow, orange, or red markings, marked with lines and/or medium dots. The plastron (bottom shell) can be yellow, black or a combination of both. The skin areas of the turtle itself, are brown with yellow or orange markings. There are 4 toes on the back feet. Eastern box turtles live in mostly woodland areas in the Midwest.

Specific Details
This shell was originally found in the woods. Although aged and mostly clean, it was also cleaned again by specialized beetles to take care of the rest of the remains. Although we were not able to completely lift all of the darkened areas of the inside of the shell, it is still a beautiful specimen. We actually found it with the outer rim (the marginal scutes) off of the shell. We did not remove them. It actually adds a unique appearance to it in this state and we believe in allowing nature to show it's true beauty. Not to disturb what is already beautiful. It is an average-sized shell (fairly young turtle) and measures 4" wide and 5-5/8" long. Total surface area is 8" x 6-3/4". Being now thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it can be used for whatever your crafting heart desires! As pictured in the photographs, you can see the deep bite and scratch marks where a wild animal was in the process of cleaning the meat from the inside. There is also a very small piece taken out from rear rim of the shell. It does not detract from the appearance at all. As taxidermists, we always treat these elements of wildlife with the proper chemical preservatives to do the job but not compromise the condition of the natural shell. NO BLEACH is ever used in our shop except for disinfecting work surfaces. This shell is great for general craft projects or for making Native American Rattles, Ceremonial Pieces & Wands. The bottom of the shell was taken off naturally in the wild. We suggest care in  handling because some of these shells have sharp edges. We never seal or put any kind of coating on these shells as not to interfere with the natural beauty of the surface. Not putting a sealant coating on it will also prevent yellowing & discoloration. It also does not inhibit a person from doing exactly what they want to the surface. 

Our Mission

 We do not believe in harvesting an animal with the sole purpose of selling it's parts. We find most of our elements in the wild in their natural state or they are harvested during regular hunting and trapping seasons. We primarily harvest for the meat to feed families in our community. We also believe in animals being one of our greatest natural resources and we know that almost every element of an animal is of use in some form - just as our ancestors did. With respect to the ecological balance, we recycle/preserve almost every element of the animal that is possible.


We are hunters, trappers, fur buyers and have a professional skull cleaning service using Dermistid Beetles. We do only damage control trapping and hunt for our food sources within legal, ethical and strict hunting guidelines. As our Native Ancestors did, we just do not believe in wasting anything from an animal which is harvested. We try to give back in some form, what we take. Feel free to contact us for any of your skull/parts needs. We are...
The Game Changer
We change "wild game" into it's next form of beauty

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