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3X Ranch Fitch-Case Cut
Professionally Tanned

Legally obtained by Licensed Missouri Hunter and Trapper
during the 2010-2011 Season Lic # 143840809

First American to use Fitch for Designed Apparel
Mountain Man Seth Kinman - Was the first American hunter/trapper to use this fur pelt as part of his apparel in a "designed" fashion. He is the sole person who originated the "Mountain Man" appearance. He traded regularly with Native Americans and in doing so, learned how valuable fur was not only for warmth but for use as part of his own personal touch to his appearance. He would have never known what kind of trend he would set for more than 200 years! Seth Kinman was a delightful California 49er. You will see him in photograph on a 2-cent revenue stamp on verso taken in California in 1865. Kinman, in his regular buckskins and fur hat, sits with his rifle and knife.

 This is known as a Paradise Yellow Ranch Fitch. This is a case cut fur pelt that has been professionally tanned. This listing is for ONE of the 2 that we have available. If you are seeking a pair, please contact us. This particular pelt is considered top of the line for this species due to it's size and length. It is rated 3X. This is not farm-raised Fitch. It is wild and found in Mongolia. Fitch fur is the fur of the polecat, not actually cat but a carnivorous mammal of the weasel family. The polecat is similar to a mink but larger and it has much longer fur. The polecat may also be known as a ferret in the USA (slightly confusing as this is a similar though different animal to the British ferret). Fitch comes in several natural colors. White Fitch, which is native to Siberia, has distinctive flank markings. It's the best Fitch and is the most expensive. Fitch also comes from Germany, Austria, and Poland. Fitch which is dark in color, with the best Polish Fitch has distinctive stripes. The Fitch fur must not be confused with the density of fox or beaver. It is a much lighter and thinner fur. The guard hair is not nearly as dense as other wild animal species. This is relative to the hide of the weasel. It is more pliable for universal use for garments and accent pieces. It is also seen as part of the more elaborate Native American headdress. If you have any additional questions about this item, please feel free to ask.
We are "The Game Changer". We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty.

We have others of these types of items. We are all hunters, trappers and have a bone & skull beetle cleaning service. We will be posting some very interesting items in the next few weeks. Come back and see us again.
We supply Native American items of all kinds. We supply dried feet and claws of all species. We can also make something upon request. Our Native American Artisan is a direct descendant of the Indians so the work is authentic using only materials supplied by mother nature.

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