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LG Proff Cleaned Set -Elk Jaw Bones-Perfect Color-All Teeth-match set/deer/jaws


Large - Adult Elk Jaw Bones
Professionally Cleaned with Beetles - Fit together perfectly 


This is a great set of jaw bones from an adult Elk. We know this is a 5-6 year old based on the # of replacement teeth, the tooth wear (based on height of lingual crest) and the Diastema distance being 4-1/8". The jaws have been cleaned with beetles and then with the proper preservatives and finishing chemicals. I cleaned the teeth as much as possible. We do not try to polish these teeth because we do not want to dislodge the enamel. The Molars & Premolars are all present and intact. We always spot glue the teeth in place (with glue specific to being used on bones) to keep them secure for handling and for shipment. They are not all perfectly clean because it is nearly impossible to get every single element and stain from the years of wear and growth of the teeth without using a grinder tool. We are professional Taxidermists so at least you know you are getting the job done right. We do not use bleach on any of our skulls! These jaw bones fit together perfectly but we have left them disconnected on purpose. Not everyone wants them glued together. Different groups use them for different purposes. The incisors are missing which is almost always the case unless you have the complete skull. These jaws have a very natural off-white coloration. They are not sealed with any sprays/liquids to prevent their universal use and potential discoloration. They measure 14-1/2" from the front of jaw bone to the lower "heel". Total height including jaw joint is 10".

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