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Signed Abalone & American Buffalo Hairpipe Choker-Inspired by spirit-Glass Beads


Beautiful Abalone Disk & Glass Beads
Inspired by Spirit & signed
Handmade American Buffalo Horn Hairpipe Choker

Made by well known Missouri Native American Artisan

General Information on this Choker
This Handmade choker was made by inspiration of spirit in a dream. Mona makes things based on what is identified in her dreams. If she is not given a vision to make something, she doest39;t. She is strictly spirit driven in her work. She and her husband make one item at a time. Every single item they make is a one-of-a-kind. That is why we do not have these items listed at all times and multiples of each. She signs all her work. Anyone who actually makes these chokers from their own hands, knows how many hours goes into them. She was not given a vision of a man or a woman so therefore, it is being sold as being universal. This choker is adorned with a hand-cut abalone disk. This choker is not only made for Native Americans. It is for anyone who truly appreciates authentic Native American hand-made items. Anyone can  and should proudly adorn their fine authentic bead work for everyone to see! Native Americans traditionally buy according to the guidelines particular to their Nation. However, other people buy these items for a specific event such as pau wau's (that is the official term used by the ancestors) where their beauty and uniqueness can truly be appreciated! It is beautifully photographed on animal pelts that we sell separately upon request. This particular choker is photographed on Australian Possum. Rare to the US market. NOTE: Many retail stores sell replicas of these chokers. Many of them are made with materials imported from other countries or from plastic beads and chord instead of sinew. That is how they can sell them for such a minimal price. You get what you pay for. There is no comparison in strength and quality when the two are side by side. We sell only the highest quality in material and personally crafted items. We give you our guarantee on that in writing! We have tried to capture every detail in the photographs for your personal observation. We have included a photograph of the Abalone Animal in the wild as well as the product that we started with to make the disk. We hope you enjoy our listing.

 This choker is made with glass pony beads and French hollow 6mm copper beads. They are copper plated with 100% copper, not alloys. The choker is assembled and all fixtures attached with natural deer sinew that they have sewn themselves. The bead trailers from the abalone disk are hematite, Czech glass pony beads and red transparent seed beads. The rows of beads behind the abalone disk are transparent amber (more yellow color than true amber) hand-fired beads. They have natural air bubbles in them. These are not defects. The leather spacers are all hand cut from hand worked leather. The hairpipe beads are made from American Buffalo horns. These are also hand-made. The entire choker is constructed with 4 strands of braided natural sinew for maximum strength. This will keep it strong and secure during dance & pow wow activities. It is absolutely waterproof and nearly unbreakable! This has been tested on previous items made with sinew. Natural sinew is the strongest material known in nature to make jewelry from. Many people do not realize that when one of these items are made by hand, from start to finish, it can take more than 3 days to make it. That is what makes it so special. Everything in this choker is made of mother nature. It is one-of-a-kind and truly authentic. Comes with signature on the piece as well as a certificate of authenticity that we are now sending with all of her items. You will then have a small part of the spirit in your hands when you come to own this beautiful choker.


Interesting information on the Buffalo
The American Buffalo according to many Native Nations, is the symbol for the ultimate provider. It roamed the Great Plains and fed many a nation. It is also thought to be a great spiritual protector, bringing nourishment to the body and soul. When a white or albino Buffalo is born, it is thought to bring peace among nations.

 Mona has proudly served many Native American Tribes for over 40 years. Descended from the Mikasuki Indian Tribe herself, she created wonderful works of art using only the finest natural material from our Mother Earth. She has been painting with feathers since childhood. In her early years, she married an American fur trapper. Together, they have spent a splendid 38 years years building and growing a well-known large store that was originally established North of Kansas City. Because of the quality of their work, they have often been asked to make custom items for various tribes. She and her husband spent many waking hours doing in-depth research. They were determined to learn all that was needed to know in order to create all custom items according specific tribal colors, traditions and guidelines. Every item they created is made with great attention to natural detail. No single item they had ever sold in the store was imported, store bought or made of anything artificial. They hand-prepared/stripped/skinned/plucked all sinew, leather, fur and feathers. They hand carved every single horn pipe bead from bones and horns and antlers. Mona's husband has been a trapper and fur trader for over 35 years. They professionally tan all of their own harvested furs and skins. They used only the fur they handled with their own hands to make their Native American works of Art. They love and live by Native American Tradition and they are happy to make these items available to those who will treasure them as they did.



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