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Natural and REAL Preserved Beaver Feet with Fur & Claws
Multiple Symbolic Uses - Native Craft/Pagan, Wicca & Witchcraft Rituals

The Beaver are an American Indian group numbering about nine hundred located in northeast British Columbia and northwest Alberta in Canada. They are closely related to the Sekani, their neighbors to the west. Today, the Beaver reside in the same area, on or near the Prophet River in Alberta. Beaver is an Athapaskan language. There are also The Beaver Creek Indians in SC.
On wearing animal parts: People have worn animals for both warmth and for the cultural symbolism that they carry for centuries. One Black Foot Indian I spoke to recently said this: "Death is a natural and necessary process, but death should not be in vain". "I feel that if I kill an animal, I should honor that animal by eating or wearing a part of it". The Beaver totem is the symbol from April 20th - May 20th.


These Beaver Feet are preserved with instant preservative. They have been sprayed with special spray that I use as a taxidermists to preserve the moisture content of the fur. It also serves as a protectant from insects and moisture. The fur appears wet but it is the taxidermy spray you see that gives it a bit of a shine. These feet are about 3-1/2" long with the claws. We have separated them from the carcus with enough length to be wrapped or manipulated for whatever craft they are used for. The feet were photographed on rabbit fur. We are trappers, hunters and I am a professional Taxidermist. I regularly carry all types of claws/feet/teeth and leg skins & tails. We have a range of furs available at all times.

We are currently seeking a person to help us show the world that all animal parts are usable and should not be thrown in a ditch! We are looking for an artisan to paint wildlife images on feathers and on bones for us. Email us with your requests for other parts. We are happy to combine shipping!
We are "The Game Changers"
We change "Wild game" into it's next form of beauty.

I always try capture the quality and/or specific defects in great detail in any of our listings. You can always see up close what you would get! We try to pay special attention to details. Even the most minor deails are important to some, depending on the use of the item. No more guessing whether you will actually get what you see a photo of!  We always send the exact same item that is photographed. We do no do mass listings. We focus on quality rather than quantity and we express as much detail as we can. Anyone is always welcome to ask questions or make requests. I have a skull cleaning service and buy and sell turkey feathers/wings/tails from hunters all over the US. We e are seeking more to buy! We also buy raw skulls/fur from hunters and trappers.
We are THE GAME CHANGERS. We change "wild game" into its next form of beauty

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