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Genuine Brown Karung Snake-Professionally tanned-Unaltered
Beautifully finished - Ventral Cut - 30" hide

Great for multiple uses - Native Crafts / Leathercraft / Wrapping handles / Handbags


The brown Karung Snake originates from Indonesia and Signapore. It is often referred to as a "Wart Snake"  There are three different color species and they vary in length. They are characteristic for very even toned hide and are very hard to spot in the wild. They are only slightly lighter on the dorsal area. The juvenile snakes are almost solid dark brown. They are used to make items that do not require a hardened type of leather such as handbags, pursees, dress gloves, for wrapping canes, making masks, hatbands, belts & a variety of other items. The fact that there isn't much patterning on the snake, makes it more versitile than any other snake with the exception of the Anaconda. The Anaconda hide is very similar in pattern but the ventral and scoots are lighter and much thicker.

This snake skin is professionally tanned, very soft and supple with high quality finish. It has a very slight shine finish to it. Measuring 30" in lenght and between 2 to 3-1/2" wide, it is ready for any craft or leatherwork you desire. There are only very slight defects which are common in snake hides. I have photographed these defects in great detail for your observation. There is a slight hole hear the head reagion where the skin was stretched too far and while in the shrinking process, it pulled a hole where it was secured in place to dry. There is a small skinning hole in the same area (as pictured). there is a very tiny hole the size of a pencil lead near the center of the skin (also pictured). If you have any questions, pease do not hesitate to ask!

Note to Buyers of Wildlife Items
We have many animal parts/skins/furs/feet/claws/teeth available for mult-ipurpose work. We are one of the geographical leaders in wildlife supply. We focus highly on quality, not quantity. We are trappers, hunters, fur traders and we also sell Turkey Feathers worldwide. Please email us if there is a specific item you are looking for. We buy Native Wild Turkey Wings & Tails from hunters all over the United States. We are looking for more suppliers!  Contact us for list of prices. I am a professional taxidermist as well. Our website is currently under construction and not allowed to be posted on ebay listings.
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