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Missouri Bobcat Skull

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Missouri Bobcat Skull
Professionally Cleaned by Taxidermists

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General and Full Description
This Bobcat was taken in Midwest Missouri. Farmers in the area were losing an unusual number of smaller domesticated animals as well as chickens. This was happening in a rural, wooded and rough terrain farming area. Perfect Bobcat territory! This is one of the 20 that were inhabiting a 15 acre area! It was 1 of ten that were legally taken by licensed damage control trappers. The other 10 were divided and relocated by live traps. This skull is in almost flawless condition and has been professionally cleaned and prepared with the proper chemicals-not soaked in bleach solution. This is an NB-A Quality Standard skull. (For those familiar wit
h the museum quality grading scale) This total skull length is 5-1/2". Width is 3-3/4". All of the premolars, canines and incisors are present and mature. They are completely free of any debris or defect including cracks, horizontal or vertical. All of which display a beautiful white & polished appearance. The tiny nasal bones have been removed strictly for aesthetics. If you require one with nasal bones present for study, please feel free to email us. The eye socket areas (orbits) and zygomatic arch are 80% present. Note for skull buyers: If at least 50% of that bone structure (the zygomatic arch) is not there, it may have been boiled. This results in bone arch to becoming distorted and brittle, often cracking and sometimes large pieces fall off . Because of the distortion, they cannot be put back together. The back of the skull has absolutely no bones missing, misplaced or stained.  Lower Jaw: The lower mandible canines and incisors are intact with no damage that is not considered normal wear. There is a very tiny surface chip out of the rear side of the lower left canine that is a natural result of hunting and chewing on bones. The carnassial teeth are present and secure. The mandible sections (right and left) are perfectly aligned and situate directly below the upper canines in their proper positions. I am a professional Taxidermist and very picky about details so you can be assured you will get all the details and also get a top quality product. Beware to those who buy skulls where bleach baths have been used. It will eat into the bone and make it very brittle over time. Pitting and scarring will also become evident. If a skull is pure white, chances are bleach has been used to prepare it. I have done technical descriptions below for those who might consider using these specimens for scientific study or biology labs where the specific details are important.

Scientific Description
The Zygomatic arch is total length of 2-5/8" The The frontal & maxilla area is without structural defect. There is a minimal amount of darkened area on both sides (maxilla area) which can be considered normal in mature Bobcats. The nasal bones are removed for aesthetic reasons only. The total skull length is 5-1/2" from the tip of the nasal bone to the end of the basisphenoid area. The tiny bones that extend one each side of the basisphenoid area are even undamaged. The upper premolars are all fully mature, free of debris, undamaged and in position. The upper canines & incisors are intact and all have indications of normal wear. There are no cracks, vertical or horizontal in the canines or any others. The pariental area of skull is normal. The post orbital constriction is 1" wide. The Underside of top portion: All sections or end pieces of the basisphenoid and auditory bullae are normal and intact. Normal fractures and missing sections exist only on zygomatic arch of skull. The foramen Magnum is 5/8" wide. The occipital area measures 2". The sagital crest is normal without distortion or fractures.
Scientific Description

The two mandibles sides were never disconnected so they are in position to upper skull portion so the premolars and  carnassial teeth align perfectly . The incisors are very small but all intact and in proper position. There are no vertical or horizontal cracks in any other areas the canines. The coronoid and articular processes are normal and without defect. They align perfectly below and forward of the auditory bulla region and against the zygomatic arch on both sides.

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