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Matched Set-Fox Leg Skins With Paws & Claws
Split Cut - Professionally Tanned

Legally obtained by trade from Licensed Missouri Hunter and Trapper
during the 2009-2010 Season Lic # 143840809

These legs skins are the front legs, split cut, professionally tanned. They have the paws and the claws and have no defects in the skins themselves. There is only one slight tear at the paw region where the pads split. Happened during tanning process. Very common in trying to tan paws opened. They discounted the cost of the tanning for us and we are passing that onto you as well. The leg skins measure 6-1/2 & 6-3/4" long. They are very soft and flexible. Not hard and rigid at all. They are between 1" & 1-1/4" in open width. They are of prime fur quality.

Symbolism & Facts on this Fur
The Hopi, Cherokee and other tribes know that Fox Medicine brings healing power. The Apache say the Fox brought the first fire to the people. Other cultures such as the ancient Egyptians thought the Fox brought blessings of the gods. The Incas deified the Fox. The fox hunts between darkness and twilight thus looks into both worlds to see the spirit. The fox provides many cures in the medicine and holds with it much myth in other spiritual worlds. Fox fur is extremely warm and does not shed. Young foxes are called kits. Males are known as dogs and females are called vixen. A group of foxes is a skulk.

We have more of these types of items. If you are looking for animal skins, furs, feet, claws or teeth please notify us in email. We will combine shipping for other items requested. We also sell Wild Turkey Feathers all over the world and carry 3 species at all times, feathers from entire body. Send us your requests!
We are all hunters, trappers and I have a dermistid beetle cleaning service. We will be posting some very interesting items in the next few weeks. Come back and see us again

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