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Matched Pair - Deer Antler Crowns w/Brow Tynes - Multiple Uses

2 - Matched Pair of Missouri Whitetail Deer Antler "Crowns" W/Brow Tynes
(Officially known as the Pedicles)

Legally obtained by Licensed Missouri Hunter and Trapper during the 2011 Season
(with no intention to discredit knowledge levels of other sellers)
Many people do not realize there is a slightly different grading system between Deer, Elk, Moose and all other permanently horned animals. Fresh cut and sheds have different grading systems. (Darks and Lights)
a true #1 grade is a fresh cut or recent drop that is brown in color along with other details

As you will see by my listings, I will often include more details than most sellers would because there are so many varied
uses and this may eliminate missing information that a person may need for their own specifications.

This particular set of Deer Crowns are officially a grade #2 
for the following reasons: 1) they are sheds 2) they are naturally sun bleached
They have not been sanded, ground or treated in any way (ex for boring beetles) as not to interfere with varied uses
These were cut purposely cut shorter than 8" (why pay for more than what you really need?)
#1 total length end to end is 5-3/4"
#1 approximate diameter of main beam @ cut (not a perfect circle) is 1"
#1 circumference of actual main beam is 3-1/2"
#1 approximate diameter including burring is 1-1/4"
#1 total circumference including burring is 4-7/8"

#2 total length end to end is 5-1/2"
#2 approximate diameter of main beam @ cut (not a perfect circle) is 1-1/8"
#2 circumference of actual main beam is 4"
#2 approximate diameter including burring is 2"
#2 total circumference including burring is 5"

As many who will be observing this listing know already know, the "Crowns" from Deer and Elk as well as many other species of the Cervidae Family (permanently horned, 4 legged animals) can be used to make a whole list of natural and very beautiful items. Back in the early ages, deer antlers were used to make jewelry, hoes, combs, cooking utensils, needles and the list goes on.

If you wish to ethically comment on our listing or make suggestions, please feel free to do so.




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