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Beautiful Full Body "Russian Blue" Fox Pelt
Professionally Tanned, Semi-Heavy, Early Fall Pelt 

Legally obtained by Licensed Hunter and Trapper
during the 2010-2011 Season Lic # 143840809

Arctic Fox / Russian Fox Facts
Although many people confuse the two, the Arctic Fox and the Blue Fox are not the same in color or genetics. The Blue Fox, Snow Fox & Polar Fox are all slightly different due to their geographical habitats. They are all however, located in the Northern Hemisphere. These Northern fox have a low surface to volume area, as evidenced by its generally rounded body shape, short muzzle and legs. They have short, thick ears. Since less of its surface area is exposed to the arctic cold, less heat escapes the body. Its furry paws (the top and the bottom of the paws) allow it to walk directly on ice in search of food. The arctic fox has such keen hearing that it can precisely locate the position of prey under the snow. They are actually dark brown and sometimes black in the summer months. Only the Russian and the Polar Fox display the "Blueish" tint to the guard hairs when they are in prime stages. Coldest of the winter months-which can be down to -19 degrees in temperature and -70 wind chills. They use their thick, bushy tails to warm and protect their heads/eyes when they sleep.

This luxuriously gorgeous full pelt is split cut. It retains it's back paws and all claws on back feet are intact. The head is not skinned exactly the way we wanted it to be by our tanners. We have shown all defects in photographs so you know exactly what you will get. This exact fur! This is an early winter fox so it is considered Semi-Heavy. This is a female and because it is early winter animal, it has been bred. Meaning, that it has slight rubs and bite marks that show on the inside of the hide. It is a defect only noticed by the trained eye on the outside. A few guard hairs only are missing where the "Dog" or the male has grabbed onto the back of the female during breeding. That makes it hardly noticeable. Also, due to being an early winter fur, the hide itself is thinner. This is much harder fur to skin because the hide is easily torn during skinning process. As shown in the photographs, there are slight defects/very small holes on the dorsal area edges. The tannery did put a slight tear in the rear portion of the pelt during skinning and has thus it has been professionally sewn together by the tannery. They extended us a discount for that defect which we are also extending to our buyers. The tail is considered a "Secondary" tail by professional buyers. This only means that there can be no defects at all in order to be a Grade A. The only defect this tail has is that there are a couple areas that have a difference in pile height. Known as "Blanks" in the industry. You can be the judge based on all the photographs how beautiful this pelts is despite what are considered normal defects for an early winter fur. Very  few fur sellers actually describe ALL defects in detail. We want you to know exactly what you are getting. If not taking underside defects into consideration, this is an absolutely beautiful, thick, full fur pelt with no exterior defects! 
NOTE: Prime Grade A Russian Blue Fox on the open market can bring more than $350 per pelt!
If you are seeking other species of furs, please let us know. We hunt & trap worldwide! 
We are "The Game Changer".
We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty. 

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We are all hunters, trappers and have a bone & skull beetle cleaning service. We supply animal teeth, bones, claws, feet and internal parts that are legal to sell to all groups of society. We supply Authentic Native American items of all kinds. We We can also make something upon request. Our Native American Artisan is a direct descendant of the Mikasuki Indians so the work is authentic. She uses only materials supplied by mother nature.

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