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Laser Engraved Maple Wood Turkey Feather & Holder-Trophy or Beard/Craft/Decor'



Great Wooden Laser Engraved Wild Turkey Feather
Great for Item Display, Trophy or Turkey Beard Holder, etc.


This is a wonderful handcrafted laser cut Turkey feather with a engraved image of the barring on a Native Wild Turkey feather. As you can see, we have even included plumage at the base of the quill. The original design was hand-drawn then transposed into a laser image. This particular one is made of Maple and the brown barring is a result of the laser engraved or "burned" image into the wood. We have left this unstained and without sealers to allow the buyer to decorate/finish in the fashion that they prefer. It is 13" tall and 4" at the end of the feather. It has a wonderful 10-1/2" beard from my spring turkey on it that fits just great. It is a great Turkey beard holder as pictured, or it can be used to display necklaces, other feathers that have been collected or Native Beaded items. I have seen it used as a key holder, used to hold Christmas ornaments for those hunter enthusiasts, log cabin or rustic decor' folks. If a stronger hook was carefully inserted, it could be used as a hat rack. It can serve many purposes!  The tiny item at the top that suspends the item of your choice, is actually a miniature turkey foot! This is also laser cut and engraved. This wonderful item is made by one our local artists and is a one of a kind design. This image can be engraved onto other woods such as Maple, Oak, Birch and Mahogany. We are always in search of more wood grains to add to the collection and further develop the line. This feather  as well as the tiny turkey foot is only 1/8" thick so this must be taken into consideration when determining what is being displayed from it. It can be anchored to the wall separately, then can have a heavier item hung from it or the turkey foot left in place and a heavier hook devise added for further options.

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