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Select Prime Dark Brown Hooped Beaver Pelt
with Real Natural Wooden Beads

 Legally trapped in January, 2011 in State of MO, by
Lic. Trapper & Wildlife Biologist  John Burk, Wildlife # 040347833

This is a superb example of a Eastern Brown mature beaver in its prime fur stage. (December through March) The total sum of the length and width is 55.5". This qualifies it to be classified a (LG) 28.5 in Length and 26.0 in width. This pelts primed underfur averages 1" long. The longer guard hairs which keep water and dirt away from the underfur are long but not corse. The guard hairs on this pelt are thick & full measuring 2" on head and neck region to 2-1/2" on back and hind flank region. The guard hairs gradually widen at the distal end and tapering at the tip. Generally, the guard hairs range in color from dark brown to reddish color in Eastern Beavers trapped between December and March. There can be considerable color variation among Beavers in any one region. However, Eastern Section beavers are generally darker and finer in texture than those from other sections. There are two weights found in Eastern pelts, Heavy and Semi. The Heavy weight pelts tend to be Canadian in origin and will include some pelts from the North Eastern United States. Obvious factors such as habitat temperatures are also a contributing factor to the pelt weight. This pelt is considered by NAFA Standard Grade System to be Dark Brown Fur. This particular pelt is silver/beige on flanks merging to dark brown on back with reddish tips on guard hairs. The ears and whiskers are present. This pelt is commercially tanned by a family of tannery specialists. It is just one example of the work of some very talented individuals. It is identification stamped. The hide itself is soft and supple and beautifully scraped and tanned. You can see by the pictures there are no defects in the hide itself and there are no defects in the pelt. This pelt has no holes besides the 4 leg holes, the ear and eye holes and these are normal. It has no thin areas, no bites, scars, false cuts, taints, snare marks, dark spots, rubs, clips or matts or loss in the fur. We have displayed it on a very strong fiberglass hoop to allow it to be universal in decor & style. Modern or rustic. We can also do these on wood vines or square frames. We do take requests.

 If you have any additional questions about this pelt, please feel free to ask. We are "The Game Changer". We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty. Email us with other requests.

Interesting History on Beaver Fur
The quest for religious and political freedom is often cited as the reasons Europeans colonized North America, but natural resources were another major draw. These included whales, vast schools of cod, and towering lodgepole pines used for ship's masts. But the resource that lured explorers across the continent was ACTUALLY the beaver.
After the early European explorers realized that Canada was not the spice-rich Orient, the main mercantile attraction was the beaver, then a population numbering in the millions. In the late 1600s and early 1700s, the fashion of the day demanded fur top-hats, which needed beaver pelts. As these hats became more popular, the demand for the pelts grew. Explorers were dispatched deep into the North American wilderness to trap and trade for furs with local natives. King Henry IV of France saw the fur trade as an opportunity to acquire much-needed revenue and to establish his North American empire. Both English and French fur traders were soon selling beaver pelts in Europe at 20 times their original purchase price.

We have others of these types of items. We are all hunters, trappers and I have a Bone & Skull Beetle Cleaning Service. We will be posting some very interesting items in the next few weeks. Come back and see us again

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