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Wonderful Turkey Breast (Sternum) Bone
Hand Painted and Signed. Turkeys and Hunter in Field


This is a fabulously painted image on a Turkey Breast (Sternum) Bone which includes the wish bone! The image is of a hunter in his element-preparing to harvest a Turkey. The other side is nature at it's finest-wild animals in their natural habitat. This bone represents one of the things that our business if founded on. We believe in the hunt, conserve share philosophy similar to what The National Wild Turkey Federation has established. I am a committee member and affiliate of NWTF. We work closely with one another on our conservation efforts. Our version of the "hunt, conserve  & share" philosophy is that every element of an animal was used by our ancestors in order to survive. That is the HUNT. We believe this should still be practiced in an ethical and legal way. We also believe that elements of wildlife can create beautiful works of art as you see here. That is the CONSERVE. Another part of our mission is to promote the proper disposal of animal remains after a hunt. That is also CONSERVATION. We take these animals and "recycle" some of the elements and parts to SHARE with others. This particular part came from a Turkey that was given to us by a hunter. Rather than just disposing of the carcass in a ditch, he contacted us to see if we could use it!  We are so thankful because 5 minutes of his time has given someone a lovely gift. The bone itself has been transformed into a work of art and the gift of an artist glorifying nature on it as well-and on the very animal it came from! What a perfect combination!

Many people do not know this but parts and pieces of our native wild animals are used in making many crafts. They also provide materials for people to make functional items. Some examples are: Turkey calls can be made using Turkey Wing Bones, Native American Rattles use the leg bones, the spurs from a turkey can be used to make beautiful jewelry, deer antlers are used to make knife handles...and the list goes on!  We encourage people to seek out organizations like us that need these elements to provide resources for many organizations as well as cultural and ethnic groups. Please feel free to contact us for this purpose. We buy these items from the general public. (subject to quality criteria) We have all types of bones, skulls and services available as well. We are...
"The Game Changer"
Professional Taxidermists
We change wildlife into it's next form of beauty.

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