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2 Ebony Fox Faces-1 Lg/1 Sm-Professionally Tanned-Best Quality-Open Cut-No lips



2 High Quality Ebony Fox Faces
Native American Craft / Taxidermy / Crafts

(1 Lg / 1 Med)

These two fox faces are professionally tanned in our shop. One is 9" in length from nose to back of head and 8-1/2" wide, including fur length. The second is 9-3/4" in length fron nost to back of head and 9-1/2" wide including fur length. The second is heavy winter fur and thick pelt. The other is fall weight. Both are dyed ebony black and are #1 fur. There are no tears, defects or scrapes. No uneven coloring. The fall weight face has one split ear. The second one has large full, naturally shaped ears. As you can see, the faces are silky and beautiful. We use only the best quality products for our tanning and pass that quality onto you. Please feel free to ask any questions. We carry all colors of these fox faces as well as other species of faces. Just let us know what you are looking for.
We are...
"The Game Changer".
We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty.

We have others of these types of items. We are all hunters, trappers and have a bone & skull beetle cleaning service. We will be posting some very interesting items in the next few weeks. Come back and see us again.
We supply Native American items of all kinds. We supply dried feet and claws of all many species. We can also make something upon request or obtain specialty items. Our Native American Artisan is a direct descendant of the Mikasuki Tribe so the work is authentic using only materials supplied by mother nature.

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