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Awesome X-Large Eastern Turkey Fan
From 2012 Missouri Hunt

legally and ethically taken by resident hunter permit #65500467

Nature's Canvas
This is another wonderful example of the Native Eastern Wild Turkey. This tail fan is from a spring hunt in Boone County, Missouri. It is from a mature 4+ years old bird. There are only TWO flaws in this whole fan! I have shown both of these flaws in the photographs...they cannot even be seen without looking directly at them! This one has long, even "fringe" or what is actually called Margins, on all of the ends of the feathers. This fan has the classic Eastern mature bird markings: the dark, wide black barring across the end of the tail feathers (called the Retrices). For those who are not aware, there are a few spring turkeys that are not heavily damaged due to their natural breeding behaviors. They are often tattered, worn on the ends and often missing fletching or the fletching is separated and wrinkled. This one is an exceptional example and truly beautiful piece of natural art. Even if you are not a hunter, you can appreciate this part of nature. If you are a wildlife collector it is certainly a trophy worth having on the mantle! 

Specific Details
This Turkey Tail Fan measures an incredible 28" wide and 18" in height.  I have replaced some of the adjacent feathers naturally on the turkey, at the region where the tail is initially removed. Most people don't take the time to preserve fans to this level. As a taxidermist, visual details are very important to me. This is considered a work of art. I wish for these items to be appealing to other buyers as well. I don't want to see an area missing feathers showing patches of dried flesh. Therefore, I have made it suitable for display straight out of the box it will be shipped in.  No work for the buyer!
I don't charge any more for the fan than the amount of time it takes me to prepare it. I just want people to appreciate the beauty of nature as much as I do. We sell Turkey Feathers worldwide-if you are looking for any, feel free to ask! We will have our website posted soon on all of our Ebay listings.
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I am a seller that concentrates more on quality than quantity. I actually touch every single feather in our stock and examine it myself for any specific important details or defects. Big job! These defects are always noted in the descriptions. I always try to highlight the beauty and color in the photographs I take, but I also try capture any defects in great detail. We do not throw a handful of feathers in an envelope and mail it. You will see up close what you would get! We also do not write mass descriptions. Every single listing is written individually with regard to details. We have never had a single returned item in our history (2001 to present). If we ever sell anything that is not considered a #1 or A+ feather, we will state that in the title or the description. We know that not everyone needs a perfect feather! So, we do also sell scrap feathers and feather trimmings with bits of with skin for trappers. Have any requests just ask.

Anyone who buys feathers should ensure they are buying feathers that have been treated for mites, tiny ticks and larvae. Turkeys carry several different kinds of each! You do NOT want to introduce this into your home! All of our feathers are properly preserved, treated for insects then frozen to eliminate any other bacteria or unseen pathology. When you receive these feathers, they will be bug free, dust free and scent free. There may be white powder particles seen on occasion but that is only the agent we use to preserve them. It is harmless and easily removed with a simple blow-dryer. We keep our feathers in temperature and humidity controlled areas at all times. We are extremely careful about any cross-contamination with new feathers being introduced to stock. If they are individual feathers or loose feathers they are shipped in narrow sleeves to protect their shape and fletching. If there are several feathers or feather assemblies, they are sent in larger plastic sleeve bags. Our shipping methods are a high focus area for us. Based on my experience from the other side!

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We are always open to comments or suggestions about our listings. We will always include more detail than most sellers because in the past, including more detail rather than less has proven beneficial to most people. It also ensures you have all the information you may need and it is clear.

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