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Great North American Coyote Skull
Professionally Cleaned

Legally obtained by Licensed Missouri Hunter and Trapper
during the 2010-2011 Season Tag # 143840809

Give back to your elders-A short skull story
This skull was obtained by a trapper friend. I sell these for him to help support his family. He is Vietnam veteran and partially handicapped. When he came back from Vietnam, he carried on the family business. He he is a 3rd generation trapper, hunter and fur trader. As of the last few years, all this is real a challenge for him. He has been doing it for 35 years. This is the only life he has known that he will not give up easily. I will support him as long as he is able to continue, by cleaning his skulls for free. Support your troops! They have given you the freedom that you have.


All parts of skull are intact and solid. The skull is a milky white natural tone.  There are no pieces missing from the Maxilla (front) or Parietal (back), and no bullet holes. The photographs will show that there is an are in the upper nostril area where one tip of the end of the plate is broken off. Tiny fragile bones that break easily if you even touch that area. The incisors, canines, premolars and molars are all intact and solid. There is a slight darkened area in the center of one of the upper molars. Otherwise, they are all white as snow and have a  "polished finish". The total skull length is 8" which is considered a (L) according to Museum of Osteology guidelines. It has been cleaned with beetles here in my own facility. The orbital area is free of holes and discoloration. The auditory bullas (the parts that look like two large bumps on back of skull on bottom side) are both intact and fully complete. There is only a slight stress fracture where they attach to the back of the skull. These are very thin bones that will often stress crack as they dry. They are such tiny cracks, they might not even be noticeable. I have captured that area in the photographs for your examination. The upper skull and the mandibles fit absolutely perfectly together.

The Mandible is in wonderful condition and has the same nice, even, milky color. (not allowed to use the word that starts with an "I"..that is associated to elephants). The canines, incisors and molars look great. They are all present and intact with the exception of the back molars (new ones that were developing in the back) has fallen out at some point and I didn't realize it. Very easy for these tiny teeth to fall out during transport in and out of the tank. The coronoid process (jaw bone at hinged area that sticks up) is without any defects. The articular process (the "T" shaped bones in the back that the skull actually sits on when you place them on top of each other) are also without defect. We do put a dash of clear superglue between the left and ride side of the mandible (lower jaw) joint so that it does not fall apart just from the weight of the skull sittting on it. The two sides are only held together with cartiliege.You may note on one view, the front canines on the mandible are developmentally defective. They do not affect how it fits together at all.

I have provided as many pics as possible to indicate size, quality and details. I am a seller than normally includes more detail than the average because I serve many levels. Particularly if these specimens are used for research. It has been proven time and again that more detail is much better than not enough. As a buyer myself, I become cautious if there is only one picture. I hide no details, especially defects of any kind. This skull has been handled only by the trapper and myself. We have used only a harmless household strength aid (specific for bones) to soak the skull for about 30 minutes to lift any of the darkened color tones and neutralize any bacterias. We never use bleach or anything that would not be safe to use on bone material. We oil the teeth with Tung Oil which provides moisture and helps prevent cracking-beware of skulls on ebay-many have cracked teeth and are not often disclosed. Especially if they are boiled. This skull has been photographed on a caribou hide, sold separately.

We are all hunters, trappers, fur traders and I have a skull cleaning service. Feel free to contact us on any of those topics. 








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