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Canadian Ermine Case Cut Winter Fur
Winter weight pelt -
Nose, whiskers & tail 
Legally obtained by trade from Licensed Missouri Hunter and Trapper
during the 2011-2011 Season Lic # 143840809


This is a Canadian Winter Ermine fur. The difference between summer and winter ermine fur is the color. Summer is off-white w/brown tail and winter is snow white w/black tail. The weight and thickness of the underfur in the winter is also much thicker. This is also determined by geographical habitat areas. This particular winter fur pelt is very soft and supple. Ermine pelts are often used for Native American Head Dress or Ceremonial Regalia. They are also used to make many different accessories.  Our stock varies by size and by price. Please feel free to contact us to see what sizes we have.

We have all types of furs, feet, leg skins, teeth, claws and bones for various needs. We also buy/sell Turkey Feathers. We buy turkey wings, tails, heads, body feathers and feet from hunters all across the US. We are looking for more suppliers! Subject to some quality criteria. We provide all shipping for those parts.
We are "The Game Changer"
We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty.

Interesting Facts on this Fur

The ermine and the weasel are often confused, although Fur authorities agree that the ermine has a finer grade Fur. This is due to the fact that ermine, an original inhabitant of Siberia, has had to grow a much thicker coating to protect itself from the intense cold. This density of Fur is about the only difference between the Russian ermine and the North American weasel in winter dress. Again the tail tells a tale, for the weasel’s tail is predominantly white with a black tip, while the ermine’s tail is more black than white in the winter dress. A good American weasel in white winter dress is a better buy than a poor Russian ermine which it so closely resembles. The Alaskan variety is the finest in America. Further south, weasels remain brown through the year, and their pelts are sometimes called "summer ermine."

Note to Animal Rights Activists

We are hunters, trappers and we have a Bone & Skull Cleaning Service. We hunt as our ancestors did in legal and ethical ways to provide food and resources for our families. We respect the animal kingdom a great deal. We put much more back into world than we take out. We preserve and recycle as much as we possibly can to supply the needs of others and their groups. We donate a great deal of our meat to feed hungry people. We also do Wildlife Rescue work. We release whenever possible and as long as it will not endanger the animal. We strictly enforce very limited human interaction with our rescue animals to ensure the highest survival rate possible.



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