COYOTE LEG SKIN - Split With Pad & Claws
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COYOTE LEG SKIN -Split With Pad & Claws -Taxidermy/NA Regalia/Collect/Ceremonial


Great North American Coyote Leg Skin
Legally obtained by Licensed Missouri Hunter and Trapper
during the 2010-2011 Season Lic # 143840809

This leg skin (right side) was properly obtained by proper and licensed trapping methods in MO in 2011. It has a cinnamon/beige base color with dark brown/black varigation in the radial area (front of the leg). It is commerically tanned. It is split from olecranon (elbow area) down to the pad. Has all 5 claws and average 3/4" each. The total length of this skin from end to end of pad is 11". There are only two minor defects. They may or may not be considered significant. It depends on their intended use. There is a small hole in the radial area (as seen in the pics) and a small tear next to the lower metacarpal area (near where the thumb area is on humans) It could be that it had enough weight in other pelts stacked on it, that it stressed the angle of the 5th claw and bent it to the side, after it was already dried. The tear is exactly adjacent to the 5th claw. This also sometimes this happens as a normal part of the skinning process because the skinning area there is very thin.

We have others of these types of items. We are all hunters, trappers and I have a dermistid beetle cleaning service. We will be posting some very interesting items in the next few weeks. Come back and see us again

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