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Full Body Bobcat - Natural position on Driftwood


If you are looking at taxidermy mounts on ebay, buyer beware. There could be many but not all are top notch quality and some are old mounts that people just want to get rid of. This particular Bobcat comes with tag and was completed this spring. This is an young adult male. This is a great mount where taking up less space is important. More than excellent quality for those who really look at the details! Highly spotted Bobcat with great facial features. I have attempted to capture every detail that I would personally look for in a mount if I were shopping. Lots of photographs of head and detail that is critical in good taxidermy work. You do not always have to buy what you see! We can modify the scenery to a degree to suit your decor more closely for a minimal fee. However, we cannot eliminate the driftwood. We can add vegetation or natural habitat of your choice. That is the joy of taxidermy! Alteration!
We change "Wild Game" into it's next form of beauty.
We see wild animals for what they are..things of great beauty and we try our best to reproduce that element of reality and level of detail in our mounts. There are 40+ years of combined experience wrapped into this cat so you will get the best quality possible. This Cat is approximately 27" long, 13" tall and 14" deep. The bobcat itself, weighed about 23lbs.
It would be custom-crated and shipped worldwide (pending geographical areas where Bobcat is prohibited to own). Calculated shipping for outside the US with these dimensions 29 x 16 x 17 (for the size of the crate). We will shop the market for you for overseas shipping since it is very difficult to determine estimate that ahead of time. It is also almost never accurate when it calculates the overseas shipping cost. Domestic shipping cost should be very close to exact. We estimate $85. We will refund anything over the actual shipping cost.
You will have to be the one to determine whether it is legal to posses a bobcat in your state/province before you place a bid. We will not take responsibility illegal purchases.

We have a great selection of other mounts in our inventory. If there is something that you are looking for, please send us an email. We have over 50 mounts in the showroom including exotics. If you are looking for award winning taxidermy work to be done with your own trophy, please contact us.
No job is too big or too small!
Awards include: Best in Category-Fish, 1st Place Game Head-Caribou, 1st Place Professional Overall-Gar, Pheasant, Whitetail, Caribou and Beaver. Best of Show-1/2 mount, Whitetail. Consecutive awards from 2000 - 20011


In any photographs on our listings, you can see up close what you would get!
The photographs are as detailed as we can get so you can closely observe what you are spending your money on. If you have any questions or comments, please ask! We will always include more detail than most sellers. The past has shown that including more detail rather than less is beneficial to most people. It ensures you have all the information you may need and it is clear.

We have actually been selling on Ebay with a 100% rating since 2001. However, because of on-going and consistent problems with Pay Pal transactions (on their part) we had to close the original ebay account and open a new one in 2009.

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