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Bobcat Fur - Highly Spotted Cat
Professionally Tanned, #1 Prime Winter Heavy

Legally obtained by 
Missouri Bobcat Trapper #753495357 / US Cites Tag #0018557

Specific Details About This Fur

Great quality and nice spot pattern, this beautiful bobcat is garment quality fur. It was from a female. It is nicely spotted and as garment quality goes, it does not include any of the leg skins or the paws. This hide is case cut. The spot pattern is consistent throughout the body and fur is #1 Prime Select. The tanning is commercial and best quality. It is properly measured from the tip of the nose to the BASE of The Tail which measures 31-1/2". the overall length is 36".  This is an absolutely beautiful, thick, full fur pelt with no defects! Graded by professionals. If you are looking for a specific fur, please feel free to email us!

We are "The Game Changer".
We preserve wildlife in their next form of beauty. 


For Animal Parts Buyers

We are licensed taxidermists, hunters, trappers and have a bone & skull beetle cleaning service. We supply animal teeth, bones, claws, feet and internal parts that ARE legal to sell to all groups of society. We also supply Authentic Native American items including jingle cones. We can also make something upon request. Our Native American Artisan is a direct descendant of the Mikasuki Indians so the work is authentic. She uses only materials supplied by mother nature.


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