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Beautiful Feeding Doe on Naturally Aged Barnwood-Head/Chest/Cape/Taxidermy/Deer


Beautiful 2 Yr. Old Feeding Doe Mount "Gretchen"
on Naturally Aged Barn Wood Background.

Brought to you by professional taxidermists with over 40 years experience.


Here is one for the ladies! Getting a deer mounted doesn't always mean it has to be a trophy Buck! Does are not just good for the meat, they are also beautiful creatures worthy of display! If you do not live strictly in a "man-cave", maybe your wife/g.f. might like a doe to go next to your big trophy Buck to make a pair! This Doe is feeding on grapevines (which can be changed upon request for a slight additional fee) and was completed this spring. We wanted to put a Doe in a unique mount yet showing it's behavior as natural as possible. We have "Gretchen" posed in feeding position with eyes "ever alert" of her surroundings. We have pride in our taxidermy work without the over-priced price tag to go with it. Being a woman and also a hunter, I enjoyed participating in this project. In both our work and photography, we attempt to capture every detail that I would personally look for in a mount if I were shopping...and I am very critical! Being able to capture close-up detail is what good taxidermy work is all about. We WANT you to see it up close! Buyer beware of taxidermy work where only one picture or the "best" side shows. We are not just people who call ourselves taxidermists, we are...
"The Game Changers".
We change wild game into it's next form of beauty.
We see wild animals for what they are..things of great beauty and we try our best to reproduce that element of reality, natural habitat and level of detail in our mounts. There are 40+ years of combined experience wrapped into this mount so you will get the best quality. SIZE: This mount is approximately 19" wide, 40" tall and 20" deep. It will have a custom built crate and can be shipped worldwide.  Calculated shipping for outside the US. The approximate size of box will be 24" x 40" x 20" and weigh approx 25 lbs for those who are calculating overseas shipping locations. Please feel free to ask any questions you like. We ALWAYS refund the difference in what we estimate the shipping to be and what it actually comes out to because shipping locations may vary  slightly in price.
That is the right thing to do!
Shipping is included in price for Continental U.S.

You do not have to be a hunter or a fisherman to buy taxidermy. There are no written rules that say you have to have harvested the wildlife yourself. For those who appreciate having wildlife decor', we have a great selection of other mounts in our inventory. If there is something that you are looking for, please send us an email. We have over 50 mounts in the showroom including exotics. If you are looking for award winning taxidermy for your own trophy, please contact us.

Best in Category-Fish, 1st Place Game Head-Caribou, 1st Place Professional Overall-Gar, Pheasant, Whitetail, Caribou and Beaver. Best of Show-1/2 mount, Whitetail. Consecutive awards from 2000 - 20011


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