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Anniversary Edition Mallard Duck Feather Wreath

As seen at NWTF National Convention in Nashville, TN

Pen-Raised Mallard Duck Feathers combined with Natural Dried Plants and Grasses


This is one of my favorite things to do! I just love to make these beautiful wreaths from what Mother Nature provides right outside our back doors! The feathers are from pen-raised mallard ducks and nothing contained in this wreath is obtained from a store. The grapevine is also hand-cut and dried. All the plants are native to our State of Missouri and are non-evasive species of plants. The plants range from Yarrow to Wheat to Tulip leaves. There are about 9 species of plants in this wreath. The plants have been sprayed and dried to prevent seeds from being distributed. These are also bagged in 3ml. plastic when they are shipped.

This is a special edition wreath I create that I call the "Anniversary Edition". Predominantly silver in color, it is on a yoke collar shaped grape vine and measures approximately 14" across, 20" from top to bottom and takes about 7 hours to make.

Each stick of plant and each feather are individually placed. I am a taxidermist and I buy from hunters so that I can continue to develop this line of wreaths as well as help the Native Americans make their wonderful works of art. I do several of these a year to help raise funds for wildlife habitat and to support the National Wild Turkey Federation.


10% of the proceeds for these wreaths, goes back to NWTF and other non-profit organizations in their continued effort to preserve native wildlife habitat and preserve our rights as hunters. If you should buy this wreath, you will receive a receipt of donation which can be used to apply to tax reimbursements. NWTF is a non-profit organization with a 5013C. They work hard to preserve not only Wild Turkey habitat but fund youth and adult programs of all kinds. They also strongly support our troops and our Vets and for that, I strongly support them! 

Since each wreath is individually made some variations in size and weight may cause the shipping to mis-calculate. We will verify the information with you prior to sending it out.


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