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The Real Deal - True Native American Hornpipe & Bead Choker
Made with the inspiration and prayer

This authentic choker is made by well known Missouri Native American artisan

The products in this choker are made from mother earth except for the beads. The Glass beads are from US Manufacturers and they are the ONLY part of this choker that is not made with or a product from the hands of the two artisans in this family. Mona is a direct descendant of the Mikasuki Tribe. This this choker based on a dream.
She envisions it being worn by a man she saw in her dream
Although she created the main body of the choker 14" to fit most men, she acknowledges that a lady may find interest in this choker as well. The 4-strand braided sinew ties are 9-1/2" each to the knot (which has been seared). These sinew strands are the material used throughout the entire choker. This ensures it's strength during vigorous activity such as pow wow dance, hunting & any other brisk movement. This activity would cause most others made with thin buckskin strands or leather chord to fall apart after a short period of time. This choker is everlasting. It resists sweat and rain is mostly repelled from the leather. You can pull on it with great strength and it will still not likely break. There are 4 rows of horn hair pipe beads that are 1-1/2" long. the width of the choker is 1-1/4" at widest point. There is only two slight imperfections in this choker. To some, not imperfect at all. Characteristic and identifiable! There is a slight crack in one of the hair pipe beads as shown in the photograph. There is also one bead that is 3mm shorter than all the others. It is made with hand carved, polished & oiled red American Buffalo hair pipe beads so they are prone to natural cracks. This is why it is important to keep it slightly oiled on a regular basis. It has glass Czech transparent and opalescent glass pony beads & natural sinew. The leather spacers are all hand cut.
This entire choker was made by the family, meaning the deer was hunted, the hide was taken. The hide was scraped & prepared, tanned and then again, each piece of leather was prepared with woodsmoke and then made pliable using the bucking process. Application of the alkali soaking process is called "Bucking". Each horn hair pipe bead was carved, polished and then oiled with Tung Oil. The sinew was stripped from the deer, dried, pounded out, stripped again to form the strands then waxed for use. As you can see by just that short description, it is all done by hand, from the beginning of the whole process. That is what makes it truly awesome and truly hand-crafted.

Since the beginning of time a choker was used, it was made from the bones of a bird that was killed. The bird was not always killed to make the chokers. Most often they were found after a predatory animal had already killed them or they had died a natural death. This was considered a good sign when found. Not only for the people who needed the chokers but for the bird, so it’s life would be of honor, value and service. In all instances every part of every animal was used. Nothing was thrown away. This is done out of respect for the sacrifice the animal made and to honor it’s life.

Native American chokers were originally designed for the purpose of protecting the necks of the Native Indian warriors during battle. They were also used to adorn themselves during specific tribal ceremonies. The Native American chokers were also worn to show a social ranking system among their own people and those of other tribes. They were also adorned with specific materials and used the horns of specific animals which was a sign of wealth. The number of rows and the size and length of the beads have specific significance by each tribe. The the color of the beads used also has significance. By wearing a bone choker, the spirits of the animal they come from were believed to provide spiritual protection from all kinds of troubles and even disease.

Native Americans even had vision dreams about a certain type of bone choker and then asked their tribe's Medicine Man to make it for them. Rarely would a Native American make his or her own bone choker as it required the spiritual power of the Medicine People so the bone choker would have the great spiritual powers and protections while being worn. Original chokers were made with rocks or carved bone fragments before traditional beads were introduced.  

 Mona has proudly served many Native American Tribes for over 40 years. Descended from the Mikasuki Indian Tribe herself, she created wonderful works of art using only the finest natural material from our Mother Earth. She has been painting with feathers since childhood. In her early years, she married an American fur trapper. Together, they have spent a splendid 38 years years building and growing a well-known large store that was originally established North of Kansas City. Because of the quality of their work, they have often been asked to make custom items for various tribes. She and her husband spent many waking hours doing in-depth research. They were determined to learn all that was needed to know in order to create all custom items according specific tribal colors, traditions and guidelines. Every item they created is made with great attention to natural detail. No single item they had ever sold in the store was imported, store bought or made of anything artificial. They hand-prepared/stripped/skinned/plucked all sinew, leather, fur and feathers. They hand carved every single horn pipe bead from bones and horns and antlers. Mona's husband has been a trappers and fur trader for over 35 years. They commercially tan all of their own harvested furs and skins. They used only the fur they handled with their own hands to make their Native American works of Art. They love and live by Native American Tradition and they are happy to make these items available to those who will treasure them as they did.



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