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15 Native Dress Bells-For Making Native Jingle Dress-or Craft/Dance/Regalia


Hand-Made Gold Plated Jingle Dress Bells
As seen at the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festivals
Made by Native American Artisan


Most Native Americans will already have knowledge of these bells. For people who are not aware, I have included enough information to adequately explain what they are and how they are used. The Jingle Dress is an amazing site! It can have anywhere from 100-400 of these Jingle Dress Bells affixed to it. I have included a link for a person to read all about the Native American Jingle Dress if they would like.
It is an amazing article that tells you in great detail what they are used for and how a Jingle Dress is made. In short, for this description they are made from chewing tobacco can lids. The Copenhagen lid bells are the most highly desired. The gold ones are made from Kerr canning jar lids or other chew can lids. They are also made from other materials. These are lids that are imprinted with  The sound is based on the material they are made from. These bells are most often seen affixed to some kind of Native American Regalia to be worn during Pau Wau Dance Events or Special Ceremonies. I have included some photos that show examples of how they are adorned as Native Dress. One of the photographs shows them in gold and the other in silver color. these particular ones are made by Mona and her husband. They have been suppliers of these bells for many many years. I have included a photo which shows how they might be used as a single article to be fastened to other items. Sometimes they are sewn directly to leather or they are strung on trailers like the example shown and have beads and feathers attached in some way. These trailers can then be attached to anything you like. You will also see these bells sewn to the pants of male dancers. They are normally displayed in rows, close enough together that they "jingle" when they hit against each other during dance. We do have a constant supply of these bells for those who are in need of them. Just send us a request by ebay email.

These bells are 2-1/4" long and 1" in diameter at the widest part. They have raised lettering on them that you can read.  They say "McPherson" on them. The holes on the narrow end are large enough that most sized chord, buckskin, leather, deer split trailers sinew can be run through it and knotted.

 Mona has proudly served many Native American Tribes for over 40 years. Descended from the Mikasuki Indian Tribe herself, she created wonderful works of art using only the finest natural material from our Mother Earth. She has been painting with feathers since childhood. In her early years, she married an American fur trapper. Together, they have spent a splendid 38 years years building and growing a well-known large store that was originally established North of Kansas City. Because of the quality of their work, they have often been asked to make custom items for various tribes. She and her husband spent many waking hours doing in-depth research. They were determined to learn all that was needed to know in order to create all custom items according specific tribal colors, traditions and guidelines. Every item they created is made with great attention to natural detail. No single item they had ever sold in the store was imported, store bought or made of anything artificial. They hand-prepared/stripped/skinned/plucked all sinew, leather, fur and feathers. They hand carved every single horn pipe bead from bones, horns and antlers. Mona's husband has been a trapper and fur trader for over 35 years. They commercially tan all of their own harvested furs and skins. They used only the fur they handled with their own hands to make their Native American works of Art. They love and live by Native American Tradition and they are happy to make these items available to those who will treasure them as they did.







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