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2 Feather Head Dress-Eagle Feather Replica-Hand Cut Leather W/Natural Sinew



Mature Eagle Feather Replica Warrior 2-Feather Headdress
Made with all natural materials and whiteheart glass beads

General Description

Most commonly, you will see a 1 or a 3 Feather Headdress worn by a Warrior. Each feather added is a symbol of accomplishment. Many times it was fastened to a beaded headband of the warrior with quills. This partiular one is made for non-warrior men or women to be able to wear for various purposes and dress occasions. This would also include youth. This style of headdress is what Native Americans and Natives of other countries would also wear to hold their long hair or single braid in place behind their head. It is normally worn as part of ceremonial dress now but in the early years, it was standard apparel.  This two feather style was worn in the hair bun of the wemon of the some particular tribes where braids were not displayed in hanging position. The leather is plyable enough that it can be bent around a braid or kept straight depending on the purpose. Quills or metal pins will secure it in place. When used with a headband, strong quills are suitable to afix it to a beaded or leather headband.

*** This is also the same exact style that is used by the Mic-O-Say Boy Scout Groups***

Specific Details
This particular piece was made by direct descendent of the Aztec Indians.
The handpainted Eagle Feathers were gently feathered out a bit on purpose, so they would look more natural. The item is 12-1/2" tall. It is made with Eagle Feather Replica Tail Feathers. It is 6-1/2" wide at the top and 3-1/2" at the base. There are 4 strands of sinew with a total of 16 Whiteheart glass beads strung on them and the sinew is seared on the ends to prevent losening. The leather they are mounted on is all hand cut and also prepared by hand from the animal itself. Everything is made from Mother Earth. Meaning, the deer was hunted, the hide was taken. The hide was scraped & prepared, tanned and then again, each piece of leather was prepared with alkali to create the soft buckskin surface. Application of the alkali soaking process is called "Bucking". The sinew was stripped from the deer, dried, pounded out, stripped again to form the strands then waxed with beeswax. As you can see by just that short description, it is all done by hand, from the beginning of the whole process. That is what makes it truly awesome!

 Mona has proudly served many Native American Tribes for over 40 years. Descended from the Mikasuki Indian Tribe herself, she created wonderful works of art using only the finest natural material from our Mother Earth. She has been painting with feathers since childhood. In her early years, she married an American fur trapper. Together, they have spent a splendid 38 years years building and growing a well-known large store that was originally established North of Kansas City. Because of the quality of their work, they have often been asked to make custom items for various tribes. She and her husband spent many waking hours doing in-depth research. They were determined to learn all that was needed to know in order to create all custom items according specific tribal colors, traditions and guidelines. Every item they created is made with great attention to natural detail. No single item they had ever sold in the store was imported, store bought or made of anything artificial. They hand-prepared/stripped/skinned/plucked all sinew, leather, fur and feathers. They hand carved every single horn pipe bead from bones and horns and antlers. Mona's husband has been a trappers and fur trader for over 35 years. They commercially tan all of their own harvested furs and skins. They used only the fur they handled with their own hands to make their Native American works of Art. They love and live by Native American Tradition and they are happy to make these items available to those who will treasure them as they did.






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