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Set of 18 Wild Turkey Wing Bones

Professionally Beetle Cleaned and Disinfected

For Game Call Construction or Multi-purpose Craft Bones


Full set of whole flawless wing bones consisting of 3 Right Wing and 3 Left Wing. Each wing consists of a Humerus, Unla and Radial. We occasionally put a couple extra bones in your order that have been rejected in our grading process or has some damage or defect which keeps one end or the other from passing our inspection. It only keeps it from being usable for us. It will still be usable for call making. It is also in case you break one or damage a piece during your call making process. It is still very usable, just doesn't meet our criteria to take through the rest of the process. They might have some lead shot in the end or some other small defect.

These bones are not completely degreased. They are as clean as they get during the beetle cleaning process which is a lot if you see the center bone by comparison. We have done as little to these bones as possible as not to disturb their natural qualities. Many bone call makers prefer to degrease their own. 

We provide right wing and left wing. You can choose all right wing or left wing if you purchase these bones by notifying us by email.

We also offer cleaning service for other people. We are happy to trade wings for your cleaned wing bones.

We are in need of over 600 turkey wings for this season. We help make arrows for the Boy Scouts across the US. We will pay a reasonable price for good feathers and in most cases, the shipping. Please email us for details.
 We will also trade wings for beetle cleaned bones in return or other product.

We have all types of bones, skulls and wildlife products available. We sell Turkey feathers worldwide.
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