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Beautiful set of 12 Pheasant Wing Rounds-Secondary Feathers



12 Pheasant Secondary Wing Rounds
Beautiful with Classic Pheasant Wing Patterning


The feathers will be without any tears, missing vanes or damaged plummage at the base of the quill. The quills are full length, solid and without cracks or bends. No bug damage. They average 6" to 6-3/4" in length and 1" to 1-1/4" in width

We handle our feathers carefully and have inspected for defects. I always try to highlight the natural beauty and color in the photographs.
If we ever sell anything that is not considered a #1 or A+ feather, we will state that in the title. We know that not everyone needs a perfect feather!

Anyone who buys feathers should ensure they are buying feathers that have been treated for mites, tiny ticks and larvae. Turkeys carry several different kinds of each! You do NOT want to introduce this into your home!All of our feathers are properly preserved, treated for insects then frozen to eliminate any other bacteria or unseen pathology. When you receive these feathers, they will be bug free, dust free and scent free. There may be white powder particles seen on occasion but it is not bugs-it is only the agent we use to preserve them. It is harmless and easily removed with a blow dryer or dry rag. We keep our feathers in temperature and humidity controlled areas at all times. We are extremely careful about any cross contamination with new feathers being introduced to stock. If they are individual feathers or loose feathers they are shipped in narrow sleeves to protect their shape and fletching. If they are loose feathers or assemblies, they are sent in larger plastic sleeve bags. We have good feedback on our methods.









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