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#1 Rio Grande Wild Turkey Saddle Feathers
Lots of Color! Great for Jewelry, Craft, Fly Fish Material, Accent Pieces


 These darker feathers are exceptionally beautiful. They are from a RIO GRANDE Native Wild Turkey from the West. They range from 2-1/2" wide to 3-1/2" wide on the ends. They have nice iridescent color and have great bronze hue to the ends. The length averages from 6" to 7". They have the classic greenish/blueish tint on the thick horizontal bar across the end of the feather depending on which angle you hold them. They have very nice dark and even plumage. It is soft black in color. Each quill is clean and strong. Some have beige margins. Some have no margins. They just show the classic iridescent color on the ends. I have tried to capture as much detail as possible on the photographs.

We have a great selection of feathers from Native Wild Turkeys from all over the United States. Send us any further feather requests via email. We will combine shipping. We are steadily working to revise our independent website! If you order from us, you will have our card in your package with website info on it. We are not allowed to give it on ebay. We will send any other items you request with this package. We will not ship until other items are paid for.

We handle our feathers carefully and have inspected this item for defects. Those defects are always clearly stated in the listings.  I always try to highlight the beauty and color in the photographs I take, but I also try capture the quality and/or defects in great detail. In any photographs on our listings, you can see up close what you would get!
No guessing by the photos that you see on a general listing and hoping for the best when you actually get it!
If we ever sell anything that is not considered a #1 or A+ feather, we will state that in the title. We know that not everyone needs a perfect feather! All of our feathers are properly preserved, treated for insects then frozen to eliminate any other bacteria or unseen pathology. When you receive these feathers, they will be bug free, dust free and scent free. There may be white powder particles  seen on occasion but that is only the agent we use to initially preserve them. It is harmless and easily removed with a regular blow dryer. We store our feathers in temperature and humidity controlled areas at all times. We are extremely careful about any cross contamination with new feathers being introduced to stock. If they are individual feathers or loose feathers they are shipped in narrow sleeves to protect their shape and fletching. If they are assemblies, they are sent in larger plastic bags in large envelopes. We will disassemble these items to save money on shipping for individuals who request it.

Anyone who buys feathers should ensure they are buying feathers that have been treated for mites, tiny ticks and larvae. Turkeys carry several different kinds of each! You do NOT want to introduce this into your home!


We have actually been selling on ebay with a 100% rating since 2003. However, because of on-going and consistent problems with Pay Pal transactions (on their part) we had to close the original ebay account and open a new one in 2009.
We are always open to comments or suggestions about our listings. We will always include more detail than most sellers because in the past, including more detail rather than less has proven beneficial to most people. It also ensures you have all the information you may need and it is clear.

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